What is Trenchless Sewer Line Repair?

When sewer lines experience major problems, it would certainly be messy which causes a lot of inconvenience. Adding to the frustrating experience is the traditional ways of digging around your yard to deal with the problem. It is a good thing that trenchless sewer line repair is now popular.

The New way of doing the repair

Gone are those days where there are a lot of diggings done when dealing with problems in the sewer line. With trenchless pipe repair, there is no need for excessive digging and destruction in your yard.  Most newly installed plumbing system today have access holes which makes it possible to deal with sewer line problems with ease.

However, when these access holes are not available especially on old plumbing system, plumbers will have to dig two small access holes. This would be permanent access points for dealing with other issues in your drain lines in the future.

Cost of the Repair

Some might say that since this trenchless method uses latest technology, the expense would be higher. Even though the expense is high, it is still the best option and is not very expensive compared to the traditional option. This is because counting all the digging, repair and destructions caused by traditional method in your property, the total expense could go higher than the trenchless option.

With the trenchless option, you only have to pay for the service without any more worrying about the destruction in your property. Today, most homeowners would prefer this trenchless option.

Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Repair

  • Repair is a lot quicker – Compared to the traditional method, this new way of dealing with issues in the drain lines is faster and more efficient. Plus, everything in your property would still look tidy. Since there is no more digging, plumbers could immediately deal with the problem.
  • Property is safe – One of the reasons why homeowners do not like the traditional method is the destruction it brings to your property. With the trenchless option, you will be happy to see that your property is safe and secured.
  • No interruption – In the trenchless option, you don’t have to disable any underground pipelines. This simply means that you can still be comfortable in your home while plumbers do their job outside.
  • Stronger pipes – The new pipes used for the replacement and repair are made up of strong materials which mean that it will not experience any problem for a long time.

With all the advantages stated above, when you experience problems in your drain, see to it that the plumbing company you choose could utilize trenchless sewer repair. This kind of plumbing service is offered by Long Beach Plumbing. We are well-experienced when it comes to offering this service and we do it with high level of efficiency.


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