How to Protect Your Health from Disease by Water Filtration

The cleanliness of water is one of the major factors cause the spread of disease in human health. Dirty or contaminated water can cause people to suffer from a lot of serious health problems. How water is processed for human consumption also influences body health. That is why proper water filtration is really needed in order to protect humanity from various diseases. This article will talk about the tips on how to protect your health from diseases by water filtration. So just keep reading it!

How Dirty Water Influences Your Health

Before we go further into the discussion of how preventing health problems by using water filtration, it will be better if we talk about how dirty water can influence your health first. There are some health problems caused by the contaminated or dirty water such as diarrhea, hepatitis A, and infections caused by E. coli bacteria. The water which is contaminated by viruses or bacteria and is used for washing fruits and vegetables, cooking, or drinking can spread various infectious diseases. Some infectious particles can’t even be killed after the water is boiled. The spreading of the diseases can also occur through the water used for washing clothes or bathing which can cause itching, allergies, and irritations. This is very important for you to keep the cleanliness of the water you consume. Proper water filtration is needed in order to make sure that the water you use is hygiene and eliminate viruses or bacteria might keep alive even after the water is boiled.

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How to Filtrate Water to Protect Your Health

Protect your health from disease by water filtration is quite easy and simple. There are some types of water filtration available out there in the markets. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. Just make sure to conduct a little research first to find the best water filtration for your need. Here are some of the water filtrations you can use to protect your health.

  1. Deionized Water Filter

This type of water filter is used in the process of ion exchange in order to eliminate microorganism, salt, and some of the dangerous compounds might contaminate the water you consume.

  1. Distillation Filters

Distillations filters are used to vaporize the water. The steam resulted will then be condensed to eliminate bacteria, viruses, minerals, and the other chemical compounds with a high boiling point which can be dangerous for human consumption.

  1. Active Carbon Filters

The next type is active carbon filters that can effectively run the water through a granulated of the solid carbon filter. This enables the device to remove harmful compounds often found in the water such as mercury, chlorine, asbestos and much more. This type is also considered as the most effective filter to eliminate the bad odor of water.

  1. Reverse Osmosis Filter

Reverse osmosis filter is another type of water filtration. The system used in this water filtration enables the device to flow the water through a specific membrane with semi-permeable type. The system used is effective to remove arsenic, perchlorate, fluoride, and nitrate which are very dangerous for human health.

Water installation process itself needs professional hands to handle it. If you consider to install it, feel free to contact us. Whenever you need us, we are ready to help in the same day.


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