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Do You Need Professional Trenchless Sewer Repair in Long Beach?

Trenchless sewer repair is an effective way to deal with sewer line problems. It is preferred by many homeowners because of its less invasive nature. But, how do you know that trenchless sewer is the solution that is right for you?

How Does Trenchless Sewer Repair Work?

Let’s take a look first at how the solution works. Trenchless sewer pipe repair can take different forms like:

  • Pipe Bursting – this renews and replaces buried pipes with the help of pipe bursting machines that split the old pipes with a new one taking its place. Newer techniques allows this to be done without the need for surface excavation.
  • Pipe Lining – sewer pipe lining replaces and rehabilitates the old pipe with minimal digging involved. An epoxy layer is used to restore the functionality of the pipe that can last for about 40 to 60 years on the average.
  • Sectional Liner – this method replaces only the damaged section of the pipe. This is made possible with the use of professional equipment that pinpoints the exact location of the bad portion of the pipe.

trenchless sewer repair

By understanding these techniques, we can appreciate further how trenchless sewer benefits us. Without compromising the quality of the workmanship and replacement pipe, it presents advantages such as:

  • Savings – since extensive digging is eliminated, substantial savings can be achieved from the trenchless water line replacement cost.
  • Less Disruption – the commonexperience of inconvenience associated with sewer line repair is no longer an issue with trenchless solution.
  • No Destruction – this is in the context of the landscape of your property. Of course a minimal amount of digging may still be done, but it will not destroy any design that you have.

Do I need to install trenchless sewer?

The lingering question in every homeowners’ mind is whether trenchless pipe installation is the right solution to their problem. How do you know if you need it? If you have limited budget, then this is definitely the better choice compared to the traditional, which can rack you up to $20,000 on the average.

Trenchless sewer installation is likewise comparatively durable and resistant to wear, allowing it to last for at least 50 years. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration before considering trenchless sewer repair aside from the basic issues like buildup of garbage for example.

Every sewer line replacement is unique and because of this, only a licensed professional plumber can truly tell you if a trenchless sewer installation is the right solution for your problem.

How Do I know that my trenchless sewer needs to be repaired?

Every time that something goes wrong with your sewer pipes you must immediately institute sewer repair. But the question is, what if the problem is not detected immediately? Will there be some warning signs you need to be aware of? Here are some tips:

  • Foul Odors – usually coming from the drains, the smell is an indication of a blockage of the sewer line that causes the gas to go up into the home rather than the opposite direction. Sometimes there is a gurgling sound as well.
  • Strange Behavior – you know that you will need trenchless sewer repair when the plumbing fixtures are not functioning the way that it should. For example, if you flush the toilet and the water comes out of the sink or shower drain.
  • Water Moisture – another indication that you need trenchless pipe repair is when there is water moisture forming around basement drains. Being the lowest point in your home, the basement will always be affected by a sewage line damage.
  • Bright Green Patches of Grass – the nutrients in the sewage feeds the grass in your lawn causing it to rapidly grow with darker colors.
  • Multiple Clogged Drains – this is a no brainer, when multiple drains clog simultaneously, call a licensed plumber immediately.

trenchless sewer

Signs my trenchless sewer should be replaced.

Sometimes the problem is not as easy to decipher. It is possible that a simple clog is the only reason of the problem, which means that trenchless sewer replacement is not necessary. However, if there is a broken portion of the pipe or there is extensive damage, then replacing drain pipe becomes necessary.

Another sign is the smell of raw sewage from inside your home or around the backyard. Trenchless sewer line replacement may be necessary at this point because the smell is usually associated with sewage escaping from the pipe. This can be accompanied by puddles of water on the ground even if it has not rained.

In worse cases, the blockage may force the sewer pipes to split or burst due to the tremendous pressure. When this happens, you do not need to wait for any other signs, pick up the phone and call a licensed professional plumber immediately.

Why do I have to trust this job to the professional plumber?

Obviously, residential sewer pipe repair in Long Beach can only be done by an experienced and licensed plumbing professional. This is because of the difficulty it involves as well as the potential cost. If you try to do this on your own, there is a high probability that you can make matters worse.

So if you do not want unwanted surprises and further plumbing problems, then call us for all your trenchless sewer and plumbing concerns.


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