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Normally, when there is a need for quick and easy drain cleaning, hydrojet plumbing is the simplest answer. This method can be applied for a number of cleaning jobs provided that an expert is in charge. What are the things that you should know about hydrojetting?

What Is Use of Hydro Jet Cleaning?

There are many different ways to clean sewage including traditional methods. Although all present distinct benefits, hydrojet plumbing is deemed to be one of the more effective ways to do it. Why? For one, it possesses the cleaning power to deal even with the most stubborn clogs like tree roots.  Because it uses water, there is little to no impact on the inner lining of the drain pipes.

As far as plumbing lines is concerned, hydrojetting can reach areas where traditional bore methods cannot. This is due to the small nozzle that is fitted at the end of the hose. This means more reliable action for your plumbing and home improvement efforts and with limited risk of damage.


Why Should You Use Hydro jetting?

In the context of this question, let up compare hydrojet plumbing with the more traditional drain snake cleaning method.

Drain Snake vs Hydro Jets

When you have slow draining pipes, one of the traditional repair methods is to use a drain snake using an auger-like attachment. Its blades are sharp enough to cut through the debris and clear it out.

Depending on the size of the clog, it can either be pulled out by plumbing snaking or if in bits and pieces, can be washed down the system with water. This works best with smaller plumbing drains like those in the toilet or the garbage disposal for example.

When the clogging is far down the pipes and is quite stubborn like tree root infestation for example, then you will need a more effective solution, like hydrojetting. The high pressure water jet can blast through virtually any type of blockage.

The great thing is that it does not matter if you have low water pressure, this is a method that is safe, fast, effective, and permanently removes clogs. If you have a professional plumber doing leak detection in your property, try to include this service as well.


For hydrojet plumbing:

  • Complete removal of blockages and clogs;
  • Applicable for different types of plumbing lines;
  • Ideal for heavily used drain pipes;
  • Comparatively safer than other methods.

For drain snake:

  • Effective for easy to reach clogs;
  • No special skills required;
  • Ideal for easy to break up blockages.


For hydrojet plumbing:

  • Should be done by an expert;
  • Comparatively costly;
  • Not all plumbers are trained for it;
  • Can damage old and weak plumbing pipes.

For drain snake:

  • Not applicable for all types of blockage;
  • Clogs can return faster;
  • Cannot be used for all types of pipes.

Things to know about hydro jetting

There are certain facts about hydro jetting people should know so that they can have a better understanding how a stream of water can effectively clean out pipes. The basic principle is that water is pressurized to a point where it becomes powerful enough to remove blockages in sewer pipes.

The hose is fed down the drain as far as possible while powerful force of water clears away anything in its path including debris that clings to the inner lining of pipes. The hydrojet cleaning method is not new, it has been in use for more than 80 years. Why is it only becoming popular now? Because during the early days, it was not very affordable.

Despite being considered safe for pipes, the strong stream of water can be harmful for people who do not have safety gear while sewer line cleaning is done. Safety gear can include eye shields, padded aprons, and helmets among others.

If you have a relatively old plumbing line, it is better to do sewer repair than hydrojetting. This is because older pipes may not be able to withstand the extreme water pressure that can be anywhere from 7,000 to 60,000 psi.


Can pipes that have been through trenchless sewer repair be subjected to hydrojetting? Yes. Plumbers can match the pressure to the plumbing system and use different nozzles for the cleaning. Inspection is suggested before doing this type of cleaning method because you may need to have trenchless sewer service instead of mere cleaning.

The Best Drain Unclog Option Requires Some Expertise

So, why you need expert to do hydrojetting? This cleaning method requires a certain level of technical skills to apply. You also have to consider the substantial difference between residential and commercial plumbing to be able to apply the method properly. Most of all, experts know the right water pressure to use for the specific problem at hand.

Why you should choose us? The simplest reason is that we take care of your plumbing needs. From the moment we answered the phone up to the time that we reach your door, we can assure you that you are in good competent hands.

It does not matter if you have regular or emergency plumbing needs, you have to make sure that you have a licensed, professional, experienced, and trusted plumber. So call Long Beach Plumbing today!


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