How to Replace a Drain Trap

Given the number of use and the buildup that a drain trap goes through every day, you may have to replace or repair them no matter how tough they are. Drain traps would start to leak right at their center.

This is mainly because the water sits there to prevent any kind of smell from going up through the drain. It also helps equalize the pressure within one’s home plumbing system. Getting them relatively simple for some but for others it may require skills. Here’s how you can accomplish it.

Replacing the Drain Trap

  1. Loosen both nuts on each side of the trap with a wrench. Some water content may fall out of it once the trap is taken out. The pipes that are connected to the wall that wasn’t connected to the P-trap would still its nuts intact when trap is removed.
  2. Removed any old tape around both of the pipes wherein the trap is connected to.
  3. Start to wrap some plumber’s tape around both pipes threaded ends.
  4. Put the slip nut and a washer back on the pipe which leads to the sink. Take note of how the threaded ends are facing.
  5. Slip in the trap over the sewer pipe leading to the sink together with its thread, ensure that the washer sitting comfortably between both pipes. Tighten the nuts using a plumber’s wrench.
  6. Set the trap against the lips of the pipe that is connected to a wall. Use a plumber’s wrench to tighten it up.
  7. Try to turn the faucet on and see if there are any leaks.

It’s that easy and simple to replace the drain trap from your sink, but what if you weren’t able to accomplish it right and that leaks are still present? What if you need to make some repairs a bit further? You need not worry. You have the professional plumbing services of Long Beach Plumbing. See why us for your plumbing needs.

Long Beach Plumbing: Professional Plumbers At Your Service

Long Beach Plumbers offers you the best options on how you can do repairs or replacements for your drain traps. We offer a variety of services that you can surely take advantage of. We have a group of well-dedicated professional plumbers that can hand out the best quality service from a plumber.

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How Do You Get in Touch with Us?

Getting in touch with Long Beach Plumbing is so simple and easy. You can be sure that it won’t take much of your time. Here’s how.

  • Through phone. You can call our toll free number where an operator is standing by to answer all your queries about our service and to get you booked with the service as well.
  • Through email. You can send us a request for our service wherein the response time is very minimal.
  • Through our website. Just go to our website and you’ll see the variety of services that we offer. We would also have a chat support agent standing by to assist you.

That is how simple it is to get in touch with us. You can almost say that the moment you talk to us that your problem regarding your drain trap has been resolved. So, don’t hesitate and get in touch with Long Beach Plumbing to get your drain trap replaced.

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