How To Fix a Shower Head

Every household has a share of problems with their shower heads that maybe leaking or are not getting enough pressure through the nozzles. No matter how tough the seal inside the shower head is, it may still deteriorate in time causing leaks.

This also happens when hard water leave a mineral build up within it. Fixing a shower head is quite easy, but yet it may require some patience and the necessary skills to do it. It does not require you to turn off the water supply.

Some of the things you may need is to buy a replacement gasket for the shower head which are available at home improvement shops or hardware stores. You may have to take the old gasket with you when you buy a replacement to ensure that the size fits upon putting it back.

Replacing the Shower Head

To get the shower head replace, you need to prepare the things you need first. Be sure that you read through the article below to know how you can get it done. Take a look at the following.

  • Wrap around masking tape to the shower head connection up until the shower arm. The nut that you see is also part of it. Having masking tape wrapped around it protects the enamel finish or the chrome of it.
  • Use a plumber’s wrench to fit the connection of the shower head. Get a grip of the shower arm with your other hand to prevent it from turning while removing the shower head. You may have to turn it counterclockwise with the plumber’s wrench up until you can do it by hand. Continue doing so until the shower head is off the shower arm.
  • Prepare a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar in a basin. The basin would only need to fit in the nozzle end of the shower head. Put the nozzle in the basin with the nozzle side facing down; soak it for half an hour.
  • Remove any remaining residue of the plumber’s tape from ends of the shower head and the shower arm using a cloth. Replace it with a new plumber’s tape in a clockwise direction to ensure that the tape is in place as you screw the shower head back to the shower arm.
  • Remove the small gasket out of the shower head’s neck with some long nose pliers. Put the new gasket into it and push it through using your fingers. It should have no twists.
  • Lift the shower head out of the solution you’ve soaked it into and rinse it thoroughly with water from the faucet. Try to clean any remaining mineral deposit.
  • Now, reconnect the shower head back into the shower arm up until its hand tight. Use a plumber’s wrench to turn it and to tighten it up a bit further.
  • Turn on your shower to see if leaks are still present. Tighten the shower head to the shower arm as necessary.

See how simple and easy it is to actually replace the shower head? If in the event that after what you’ve done and there’s still leaks, you may have to acquire the services of a professional plumber because this would only mean that the problem maybe a bit more complicated than it really is. This is where Long Beach Plumbing comes into play.

Replacing the Shower Head: An Expertise of Long Beach Plumbing

Long Beach Plumbing has the team of experts when it comes to dealing with your needs regarding your bathroom fixtures, especially when it comes to your shower heads. Replacing the shower head is simple, but at times may require further work due to a more complicated problem. Long Beach Plumbing is fully dedicated to getting it resolved for you once you’ve acquired our services.

Our well-trained and expert plumbers are committed to customer satisfaction that is why it is so important for us to avoid any rework to ensure that our credibility is intact. Just by getting in touch with us means that you’re problem is already being solved.

You can get in touch with us by calling us on our toll free number, by sending us an email, or by going through our website so you can see the variety of services that we offer. It’s so simple to get the professional plumbing services of Long Beach Plumbing.

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