How Often Are Septic Tanks Emptied?

Septic tanks are widely used around the globe and play a vital role in keeping a nice and clean environment for everyone. With these, millions and millions of gallons of water are filtered to ground on a daily basis. If these are not treated properly, the waste from the septic can cause contamination to water drinking facility causing a lot of health concerns to humans or animals.

A septic tank is so important to every household. Wastewater from houses is carried from a pipe to a tank; this is where the first water treatment takes into place. Water goes on to a drain field, as well as soil areas of the septic system.

Scum and solids remain in the tank, building up over in time. It is quite imperative for each and every homeowner to monitor all solids that been accumulated in their septic tanks, because whenever solids rise too high and fill up the tank will cause spillover into the drain field and the surrounding soil; thus, increasing the chances for groundwater contamination together with toilet backups.

Emptying the Septic Tank

It is highly recommended that septic tanks should be inspected by professionals. Most of the septic systems around the United States needed to be checked on a yearly basis, especially those that are heavily used. If you are asking yourself how often your septic tank should be cleaned actually depends on the amount of wastewater flows to it, its size, and the solid material that is present in the wastewater.

Most experts would say that the tank is bound to be emptied when solids have rise to about a third of the septic tanks water capacity. These would vary on, again, how the septic tanks are used. Vacation homes need less attention compared to houses that are lived all year round.

Company septic tanks would require more attention compared to household septic tanks. They have to ensure that their septic tanks need to be free of any leaks after emptying the tank. The service provider also help determine how many times that tank should be emptied.

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Long Beach Plumbing: Emptying the Septic Tank

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