Greenhouse Installation: Build a Greenhouse on a Slope

Having a sloping yard is not an excuse to create a great greenhouse. As the famous permaculture designer once said, even a slope terrain can be turned into a beautiful and useful greenhouse for sustainable food production system. In fact, such terrain actually offers an ability to harvest rainwater using the gravity, a bonus that isn’t offered by the level site. Today, you will learn about the useful information regarding the designing and building of greenhouse installation in slope terrain, the pastured chicken system, compost heat extraction and cover dropping.

Start Working on Slope Terrain for Your Greenhouse Installation

Leave the assumption that building greenhouse has to be started from a level ground that most people have. Although slope terrain may not be considered ideal it does have an advantage that the level ground may not present. What the slope presents the advantage for greenhouses includes more winter sunlight and the ability to harvest rainwater. However, it is important to not create too much slope as it can lead to erosion. The ideal is 1% of slope. This slope usually descends one foot over 100 feet length and catches more sunlight. But it is not too steep to cause soil and seeds to be easily washed away.

greenhouse installation

Set Orientation

In the winter, sunlight’s angle becomes lower and creates a greater effect on property located farther north. In this case, the best option is an east-west orientation in order to maximize the capture of solar energy. At the same time, low angle solar rays can also be prevented with this orientation so the rays will not reflect off the plastic of the greenhouses. Instead, the rays will penetrate into the interior. But, it is often hard to place multiple greenhouses in this orientation as shadow may be cast on an adjacent greenhouse. Therefore, the best choice in an economic sense is to create the 40-degree latitude. This way, the spacing will be much closer without any worries regarding the shadow.

It is recommended to create greenhouse platform orientation toward the south to allow more absorption of solar energy. Meanwhile, there will be more lights to be reflected as well during winter due to the collection of rainwater on the south.

Building Greenhouse Platform

In order to build the platform of the sloped greenhouse, the main things to do are planning and grading. These two processes include the determining of land’s slope percentage and direction, the calculation of soil to alter the slop and the stakes of grading followed by the moving of the soil.

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