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Drain Cleaning Service

Many homeowners believe that drain cleaning is something they can do on their own because it saves them money. Unfortunately, this is wrong! If you want to save money, call a professional drain cleaning service. What are the things that you should know about drain cleaning?

Why drain cleaning is important?

Having healthy drains translate to less worries and reduced upkeep of your home. It also means you have peace of mind knowing you won’t be surprised by a plumbing disaster out of the blue caused by a clogged drain.

Here are some reasons why it is important.

  1. Proper drain treatment keeps the clog and blockage out of your drains allowing it to function properly.
  2. Healthy drains means healthy pipes that are not victimized by clogged toilet, clogged sink, or blocked shower drain.
  3. Clean drains means you don’t have to deal with foul or strange odors like those from a clogged kitchen sink, which can be quite dangerous as well.
  4. By reducing potential problems that can arise from your drains, you are actually generating savings with the help of professional plumbers.

Drain Cleaning Service

When the right times doing drain cleaning?

The answer to this question would vary depending on how plumbing is used in your home as well as the amount of maintenance work that you do. Obviously, you don’t have to wait for full blown plumbing problems before deciding to clean your drains.

To help you determine the right time

  1. When you have slow draining kitchen drain or bathroom drain, you should start considering cleaning your drains.
  2. When you have to clear clogged drain too often, meaning doing it more than you should.
  3. When clogging starts to happen in more than one part of your home plumbing system.
  4. When you notice rancid or bad odor coming from your drains.
  5. When water begins to pool in areas where it should not be.

As to how often you should clean your drains? Most professional plumbers would agree that doing it once a month would be a great way to make sure that your drains are clean and healthy.

How to clean your drain?

Drain maintenance is a great way to ensure that your drains remain as clean as possible. There are some maintenance routines that you can do even if you don’t have drain inspection equipment. A good example is this procedure using baking soda and white vinegar.

  1. Begin by taking a cup of baking soda and pouring it into the drain. Start sprinkling some as well on the removable strainer and across the drain.
  2. Microwave a cup of white vinegar for two minutes.
  3. Carefully and gently pour the white vinegar into the drain allowing it to mix with the baking soda to create a bubbling effect.
  4. Let the mixture stand for at least five minutes to get the desired effect. Cover the drain opening if you wish.
  5. Let the warm water run for approximately 30 minutes to flush the mixture and let it do its work.

Keep in mind that using commercially available chemical-based drain cleaners can be dangerous for your pipes. Chemical drain cleaners are only effective in clearing some types of blockages, but not all. Use this home remedy instead to keep things safe.

Drain Cleaning Service

Why you should call the professional drain cleaner to do it?

As earlier mentioned, you will actually save money by calling licensed professional drain service providers. These are some of the reasons to call a professional drain cleaner.

  1. You will need a plumber to do the job properly and safely.
  2. With the right training and equipment, professionals can clean drains significantly faster than the average homeowner.
  3. Using the right drain cleaning solutions means that you will have the peace of mind knowing that you have clean and healthy drains.

Why choose us to clean your drain?

When it comes to cleaning drains, it is important to apply the right solution to the problem. This means using residential drain cleaning methods for residential plumbing in the same manner that commercial drain cleaner solutions should be applied to commercial plumbing.

As certified plumbing professionals, we know how to deliver these solutions using the right types of equipment to do the job safely, effectively, and with high quality.

We can even respond to emergency drain cleaning because we are on call around the clock.

So if you want the best drain cleaning service, call Long Beach Plumbing now!


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