Does my Plumbing Blockage Require HydroJetting

Hydrojetting is a technique which uses pressurized water to remove debris accumulation within sewers or drains. Many homeowners call on plumbing services which use more traditional blockage removal processes, but there are a number of benefits to hydrojetting.

Hydrojetting provides an efficient and effective method

In many cases hydrojetting provides an efficient and effective method of clearing clogs or blockages. It is not uncommon for hydrojetting to successfully remove an obstruction when other more conventional methods have failed.

Hydrojetting can also provide a longer lasting cleaning effect. The volumes of pressurized water can effectively clean the drain or sewer walls and removes any traces of dirt or debris. Since many clogs are caused by particles of dirt or debris being attracted to sticky patches of grease or soap scum, it is important that these are dispersed. Hydrojetting breaks up any clogs but can also reset the walls of the pipework to almost their original condition. This can be an important factor for clogs or blockages which keep reoccurring despite being removed by conventional plumbing methods.

There is also an ecological aspect to hydrojetting, since it doesn’t require the use of harsh or toxic chemicals. With more homeowners becoming aware of their environmental impact, a cleaning method which doesn’t risk harmful chemicals being released into the water is preferable to many. Cleaning with hydrojetting uses only volumes of water which is far more environmentally friendly than using chemicals to degrease the drains.

Hydrojetting can even be used to clear drains of any tree roots which have been introduced into the pipework. This reduces the risk of flooding after heavy rains and protects the drains from further damage.

If you are interested in learning more about hydrojetting, contact Long Beach Plumbing. We have a great deal of experience and expertise in all aspects of plumbing including hydrojetting; we would be delighted to be of assistance with any questions or queries you may have.


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