Does My Home Require Sewer Line Replacement?

If you have been experiencing plumbing issues such as sewer lines backing up, you may be worrying whether the pipe can be repaired or you would need sewer line replacement. There are a number of causes of backing up in your sewer pipe. Common causes include tree roots or other foreign objects, misalignment of the pipes or collapsed pipework.

Repair or Replacement?

In many cases your pipework may be able to be successfully repaired. There are a number of cleaning techniques which can effectively and efficiently remove blockages including build-up of debris or foreign objects. Even tree roots can be effectively cleaned away by techniques such as hydrojetting.  If there is reasonable access and the cost of repair is reasonable when compared with sewer line replacement, then repairing the issue is usually a good idea.

If your sewer pipes have bellied, collapsed or completely burst, then sewer line replacement may be your only practical option. However, this can present an opportunity to upgrade the pipework if it has begun to deteriorate or is undersized for the occupancy of your home. This will greatly improve the efficiency and performance of your plumbing system.

If pipe replacement is needed, there is no need to despair. There have been a number of technological developments which make it easier and quicker for plumbing professionals to detect problem areas and assess the issue to ensure efficient repair. This includes video inspection which allows the technician to examine the pipework in a non-invasive manner to assess any deterioration or damage. There are even techniques which may eliminate the need for digging up your yard to replace the broken pipe.

If you are in Long Beach area and interested in learning more about sewer line replacement, contact plumbers in Long Beach. We have experience and expertise in all aspects of plumbing including replacing sewer lines and would be delighted to assist you.


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