Do I Require an EBMUD Sewer Inspection to Comply with New Policies

There is a new program aimed at protecting the San Francisco Bay from environmental damage. This policy involves the inspection and certification of private sewer lateral lines. Many of these lines were installed when the original houses were built and over time have been subject to deterioration and damage. Cracks and damage allows rainwater to enter the sewer system which can overwhelm water treatment facilities and allow untreated water into the bay.

The policy focuses on homeowners achieving certification under three conditions:

  • Changing Water Meter Size: If you are applying for a change to your water meter, you would need an EBMUD sewer inspection before a compliance certificate can be issued and your water service application is processed.
  • Selling Your Home: When you are selling your home, you would also need to ensure your sewer lines are compliant with the policy. It is possible to apply for an extension certificate which can allow the inspection to be worked into the sale agreement. The extension certificate allows a delay of up to 180 days, but the extension certificate must be applied for then signed by all parties of the sale.
  • Remodeling: If your home remodel will total more than $100,000, then you would also need to obtain a compliance certificate. This certificate should be obtained before final project inspections and all permits have been signed off.

Homeowners without these circumstances are also free to apply for certification after an EBMUD inspection. There is also the possibility of obtaining an exemption certificate, if your private sewer lateral line has been replaced within the last ten years.  You would need to supply proof of the work undertaken for assessment before the exemption certificate will be issued.

If you are living in Long Beach area and interested in learning more about an EBMUD sewer inspection, contact Plumbing Long Beach, CA. We would be delighted to answer any questions or queries you may have.


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