Budget Friendly Home Decoration Tips 2018

Budget Friendly Home Decoration

Decorating and renovating our homes is one of the things that homeowners usually look forward to. Unfortunately, for many, they are constrained by the amount of money they can spend on increasing the beauty and value of their home. This is why we believe you may find these tips immensely valuable. Want to know more? Read on.

DIY Solutions

One of the easiest ways to update the look of your home without having to spend so much money is to start doing it yourself. You don’t have to take on the entire project all at once; you can start at specific parts of the house and then move on slowly at your own pace.

Here is the great thing about this; you can save tons of money from the professional services you have to pay. How do you do it? Start with simple things like installing a DIY wallpaper for example. Nicely printed wallpaper can be quite expensive, but you can create your own using a beautiful stencil and some paint. You can also ensure that the pattern becomes uniquely yours.

Another great DIY solution is to applying a fresh coat of paint. It isn’t necessary to paint the entire house; you can start with your living room. From there you can proceed to paint your door using an unexpected color like a rare shade of green for instance. This can increase the happy appeal of your home without spending much.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to coat your ceiling as well. Many would go with the regular white color, but, you can actually make things more interesting by choosing a color that best reflects your personality.

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Small Transformations

Another budget friendly home decoration solution that you can embark on would be to do some small transformations in your home. For example, if you have a small antique or unique collection, create a space where you can display those so that it becomes an important decorative piece.

You can also transform your closet into a craft room by using pegboards to cover the doors. This increases the functionality of the area. Have some old crates lying around? Transform these into functional bookcases to create a small corner library in your home; another way to increase the value of your home.

Simple Decorations

There is no need to invest in expensive decorative pieces, using your existing decorations and redecorating them will give you more mileage. By mixing old and new glassware that are displayed on your shelves. An exciting addition would be hand-blown wineglasses of various colors laid out on an open shelf.

If you don’t have the pieces, you can always go bargain hunting in estate and yard sales. There are a lot of interesting items you can find there. In fact, your $20 can bring you so much in terms of decorative value.

Do you have old mirrors lying around? You can use these as trays by placing felt backing to the underside. Try filling a glass jug with Christmas lights and you will have a unique decorative table lamp that you can sit in one corner of your home.

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Functional Improvements

If you truly want to maximize the functionality of your home decoration, try labeling your canisters and arrange them neatly on their shelves or kitchen counter. You can choose to use chalkboard paint or even decals if you have glass canisters.

Replacing your old faucets with newer ones not only increases its decorative value, but also its functionality because of water-saving features. As you replace your bathroom faucet, don’t neglect your shower curtain. In case you didn’t know, this is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do a bathroom makeover.

For other functional improvements that wouldn’t cost you much, increase the size of a small room by strategically placing a mirror. For decorative purposes, it would be better to use one with a vintage frame.

As you can see, budget friendly home decoration is not really an impossible feat to pull off. Try out these suggestions and see how much you can do.


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