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Greenhouse Installation: Build a Greenhouse on a Slope

pllongbeach : March 23, 2018 10:01 am : BlogPost

Having a sloping yard is not an excuse to create a great greenhouse. As the famous permaculture designer once said, even a slope terrain can be turned into a beautiful and useful greenhouse for sustainable food production system. In fact, such terrain actually offers an ability to harvest rainwater using the gravity, a bonus that isn’t offered by the level site. Today, you will learn about the useful information regarding the designing and building of greenhouse installation in slope terrain, the pastured chicken system, compost heat extraction and cover dropping. more »

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Things to Consider for Installing the Plumbing Aquaculture Tanks

pllongbeach : March 6, 2018 5:52 am : BlogPost

For you who have a plan to renovate your home living, this tool is probably needed. Yes, it is known as the plumbing aquaculture tanks. Undeniably, there is a period of time when we need water so much while the supply is limited. By using this tank, it is not only easier for you to supply more water, but it is also to keep the water quality itself. Basically, the plumbing aquaculture tanks are adapted some working principles. The water is able to keep and then it is flown down when being needed. The height of tank influences the pressure given for sure. By using such a tank, the electricity used is more efficient and economical as well. More than that, there are also some other considerations when choosing and installing the tank. Check them out. more »

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How to Protect Your Health from Disease by Water Filtration

pllongbeach : February 21, 2018 9:53 am : BlogPost

The cleanliness of water is one of the major factors cause the spread of disease in human health. Dirty or contaminated water can cause people to suffer from a lot of serious health problems. How water is processed for human consumption also influences body health. That is why proper water filtration is really needed in order to protect humanity from various diseases. This article will talk about the tips on how to protect your health from diseases by water filtration. So just keep reading it! more »

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Why Hot Water has Rotten Egg Smell

pllongbeach : January 26, 2017 8:24 am : BlogPost

why water heater smells like rotten eggs

Not everyone experiences it, but for those who do, did you ever wonder why water heater smells like rotten eggs? For the sake of simplification, let us assume that the source of the rotten smell is really your water heater. What does it smell so bad and what do you do? more »

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Necessity of Sewer Line Inspection

pllongbeach : May 21, 2014 11:50 pm : BlogPost

Every house should ensure that their sewage and waste disposal system is properly inspected regularly. This is to ensure that you don’t contribute to the cause of build-up and spread of germ and virus in your community. There are now a lot of companies that offer sewer line inspection service that you could utilize.

This kind of service is not only for the benefit of your community but also for the welfare of your family. You don’t want your waste disposal system to have any problem for it could put your family at risk of various health issues. more »

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