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Does My Home Require Sewer Line Replacement?

pllongbeach : October 28, 2013 3:19 am : BlogPost

If you have been experiencing plumbing issues such as sewer lines backing up, you may be worrying whether the pipe can be repaired or you would need sewer line replacement. There are a number of causes of backing up in your sewer pipe. Common causes include tree roots or other foreign objects, misalignment of the pipes or collapsed pipework. more »

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Does my Plumbing Blockage Require HydroJetting

pllongbeach : October 21, 2013 2:53 am : BlogPost

Hydrojetting is a technique which uses pressurized water to remove debris accumulation within sewers or drains. Many homeowners call on plumbing services which use more traditional blockage removal processes, but there are a number of benefits to hydrojetting. more »

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Do I Require an EBMUD Sewer Inspection to Comply with New Policies

pllongbeach : October 14, 2013 2:49 am : BlogPost

There is a new program aimed at protecting the San Francisco Bay from environmental damage. This policy involves the inspection and certification of private sewer lateral lines. Many of these lines were installed when the original houses were built and over time have been subject to deterioration and damage. Cracks and damage allows rainwater to enter the sewer system which can overwhelm water treatment facilities and allow untreated water into the bay. more »

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How To Fix a Shower Head

pllongbeach : July 30, 2013 8:01 am : BlogPost

Every household has a share of problems with their shower heads that maybe leaking or are not getting enough pressure through the nozzles. No matter how tough the seal inside the shower head is, it may still deteriorate in time causing leaks.

This also happens when hard water leave a mineral build up within it. Fixing a shower head is quite easy, but yet it may require some patience and the necessary skills to do it. It does not require you to turn off the water supply. more »

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How to Replace a Drain Trap

pllongbeach : July 30, 2013 7:56 am : BlogPost

Given the number of use and the buildup that a drain trap goes through every day, you may have to replace or repair them no matter how tough they are. Drain traps would start to leak right at their center.

This is mainly because the water sits there to prevent any kind of smell from going up through the drain. It also helps equalize the pressure within one’s home plumbing system. Getting them relatively simple for some but for others it may require skills. Here’s how you can accomplish it. more »

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