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Why Hot Water has Rotten Egg Smell

pllongbeach : January 26, 2017 8:24 am : BlogPost

why water heater smells like rotten eggs

Not everyone experiences it, but for those who do, did you ever wonder why water heater smells like rotten eggs? For the sake of simplification, let us assume that the source of the rotten smell is really your water heater. What does it smell so bad and what do you do?

The Cause

If you have a case of smelly water, this can be attributed to the presence of anaerobic bacteria. It reacts with the sulfur, magnesium, and aluminum materials that make up the sacrificial anodes that are part of the water heating system.

When the bacteria comes in contact with the materials, it produces hydrogen sulfide, which has a similar smell to rotten egg. This type of problem is usually observed in areas where the supply comes from well systems. The installation of a water softening system may make the smelly problem become worse.

Starting Solution

A quick fix solution to the rotten egg smell is to turn off the cold water valve feeding the water heater and open the closest hot water faucet. This is done to relieve pressure so that you can drain some water from the tank. You need to open a side of the plumbing so that you can put in one pint of drugstore-type hydrogen peroxide for every 20 gallons of water.

Close up everything before turning the cold water back on. Allow the water to run from all faucets for a while until you notice the odor is gone. The problem is that once the water heater goes unused you need to repeat this process.

When the smelly water is isolated to a sink, pour chlorine bleach down the drain and basin overflow. This should take care of the bacteria causing the smell. It is essential to know that in some places the cause of the smell is the sulfur in the water. This means that the sulfur has to be neutralized to remove the rotten egg smell.

Better Solution

To get a considerably long term solution to the rotten egg smell, one of the suggested alternatives is to use aluminum/zinc alloy as a replacement for the standard aluminum or magnesium anode rod. Why is this successful?

The zinc in the alloy balances the reeking smell produced by aluminum anodes. This is likewise considered by many as the cheapest permanent solution possible for solving the rotten egg smell. Using two anodes (an aluminum and a zinc one) may only worsen the odor. Stick to the alloy type.

When using the alloy variants, there are four types that you can choose from. You have the solid hex- head, flexible hex-head, solid combo, and the flexible combo. These are important in choosing the right type of anode. The hex-heads have their own port located at the top of the water heater. Combo anodes on the other hand share the port for the hot water outlet. Unscrewing the nipple will reveal the anode.

What to Avoid

When attempting to get rid of that rotten egg smell coming from your water heater, make sure that you do not remove the standard sacrificial anode without replacing it. Removing the standard anode is the right solution, but, if you do not replace it, you will fast-track the formation of rust and corrosion.

Replacing the magnesium anode with an aluminum one also does not solve the problem. Why? Because aluminum will create the same type of rotten egg smell as magnesium; it’s all about the chemical reaction. So make sure that when you remove the anode, you replace it with the proper one. Otherwise, you will be voiding the warranty of the manufacturer and shortening the life of your water heating system.

Now that you know why water heater smells like rotten eggs, you can choose what option to use. Consult a licensed plumbing professional to know more about your options.

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Necessity of Sewer Line Inspection

pllongbeach : May 21, 2014 11:50 pm : BlogPost

Every house should ensure that their sewage and waste disposal system is properly inspected regularly. This is to ensure that you don’t contribute to the cause of build-up and spread of germ and virus in your community. There are now a lot of companies that offer sewer line inspection service that you could utilize.

This kind of service is not only for the benefit of your community but also for the welfare of your family. You don’t want your waste disposal system to have any problem for it could put your family at risk of various health issues.

Oftentimes, old homes are the ones that really need sewer line inspection and those houses that are to be sold for these are not often cleaned regularly.

Sewer Maintenance by companies

Most plumbing companies today offer sewer maintenance service depending on your preference. You should avail for this service at least twice or one a year. If ever there are issues in the sewer lines, the company should be able to apply a long-term solution to the problem while keeping its cost low.

There are various reasons why your sewer lines could experience some problems. The common reasons are major blockages and tree roots. A huge tree growing in your backyard could be the reason for the problem in your sewer line. A small leak is enough for a root to find its way inside the drain lines and as the root grows, it causes a crack in your sewer.

Plumbing companies often perform a video inspection first on your sewer or drainage before suggesting any repair. It is necessary that they could clearly see the problem in the sewer for them to offer the right way to deal with the problem.

It is possible that foreign objects and other debris could reach the sewer which could result to serious blockages. When this happens, it could result to breaking of your sewer lines. With this, it is very important that you remind your family to be careful with the things that go down through the drain.

Sewer Inspection prior to purchasing a House

Since the sewer lines play an important role in the comfort of a certain home, before you buy one, see to it that the sewer line inspection is professionally conducted.

You could also hire a reliable company to do so. This way, you could decide better if you would buy the property or not. If the sewer line is severely damaged, the cost of the property should not be that high for repair of sewer lines could really be costly.

It would be best that you choose a company that could use video inspection so that you could also see for yourself the condition of the sewer lines. If it is not anymore in good condition, be sure that you weigh everything properly to come up with a good decision.

To help you with the inspection or maintenance of you sewer lines at home, we at Long Beach Plumbing could help. We have access on the latest technology and equipment to do our job faster and better.

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The Importance of Fast Leak Detection Service

pllongbeach : May 21, 2014 11:27 pm : BlogPost

One of the most difficult problems you have to face in your plumbing is leak. This is why when you seek for leak detection service, you need to be in the hands of a company that has the right equipment and tools to do the job efficiently without causing too much excavation on your property. It is easy to deal with visible leaks but those buried under your flooring are really challenging.

Most of the plumbing companies today use state-of-the-art machines and equipment to help them find the leak and deal with it appropriately. Oftentimes, a company would use the latest technology in finding the leaks in your plumbing lines.

Check and detect leaks

The problem with leaks is it often starts small. These small leaks in your plumbing are almost impossible to notice or detect until it become a serious problem.

To ensure that there is no leak in visible areas in your home check for water build-up near plumbing fixtures with faucets like the tubs and kitchen sinks. It would also be a good idea to check the toilet for leaks.

One of the most common reasons for leaks is the age of the plumbing lines. If you have been using your plumbing system and not replaced it yet for many years already, it is not surprise that leaks are starting to happen. Leaks are inevitable in time often due to wear and tear.

The best way to detect that there are leaks is checking your water bill. The sudden unexplainable increase in the water bill only means that there is leak in your lines.

Effects of Leak

Aside from increase in your water bill, leaks in your home could also result to property damages. This is because plumbing pipes could be found in most areas of your home like the wall and flooring. If ever the leak is found in any of these pipes, it could cause cracks on the wall and floor for the water will always find its way to escape thus putting much pressure on these parts of your home.

It could also be dangerous for your family since wet floors could result to accident. Anyone could fall or stumble when they step on this wet flooring.

There are plumbing lines that carries water while there are also which carry waste. When the leak is in pipes that carries waste, it could put the health of your family at risk.

Simple test for Leaks

All you have to do is to close all your faucets in your home and check the water meter. If you still observe some movement in it even though no one is using water in your home, then surely there is leak somewhere in your plumbing.

Counter leaks and improve plumbing systems

The best way to deal with leaks is to call the service of professional plumbers. As soon as you suspect any leak, call them immediately.

Also, it would  be a smart move if you let the professionals do some regular checking on your plumbing lines at least once a year so that small leaks could be easily detected and fixed properly preventing it from becoming worse. For your leak detection needs, we at Long Beach Plumbing could help. Call us now and experience professional plumbing service.

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The need to Get Water heater Repair and Installation Service

pllongbeach : February 10, 2014 11:33 am : BlogPost

There are usually two reasons why you need hot water heater installation service. First, your old water heater is inefficient causing you more expense in electric bill and the inconvenience of getting cold water when you need it hot.

Various Inconveniences

In the morning, we usually want to a hot coffee to greatly start our day. However, if there is a problem in the water heating system, you don’t get hot water and your morning becomes incomplete. There are also times that we want to take a hot shower but gets frustrated as the water starts pouring.

You don’t have to suffer the many inconvenience of old and inconsistent heater since getting a new one is not only cost-effective, it’s also very easy to do. You simply need to get the service of the right plumbing company to get the job done.

Immediate Action

The first time you experienced problem in your water heater system and realized that the water heater you have at home has been with you for many years already. It is wise to think about getting a new one.

Heating water at home is one of the contributors of energy expense at home. If you don’t replace your old water heater, it might cause increase in your electric bill. There is now a lot of water heater in the market made to be energy efficient which means helping you save more. Even though some comes with a high price, at least you get to save energy for a long time.

Signs of Water heater Problem

  • Leaks
  • Funny noises
  • Odd smells

If you observe any of these in your water heater and it becomes a frequent scenario, it simply means that it’s nearing its end. Since you don’t have enough knowledge about identifying the cause of these problems, better leave the job to the experts.

The Need for Experts

Since you could not simply guess what is happening in your water heater, better let an expert check it. This is not only to keep you and your family safe but also to ensure that problem solution to the problem is applied.

There are times that some repairs could be done but if the problem is serious, it’s best to have a replacement for the water heater. Go for a plumbing company that could also offer water heater installation service. With this, you don’t have to call other contractors for the job.

If it is really time for a new water heater, do not hesitate to call Long Beach Plumbing. We are a group of professional and responsible plumbers who simply aims to offer high quality plumbing service which include water heater repair and installation. We offer our service in a reasonable price and we ensure that you will be satisfied with the kind of service we offer.

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What is Trenchless Sewer Line Repair?

pllongbeach : December 8, 2013 8:16 am : BlogPost

When sewer lines experience major problems, it would certainly be messy which causes a lot of inconvenience. Adding to the frustrating experience is the traditional ways of digging around your yard to deal with the problem. It is a good thing that trenchless sewer line repair is now popular.

The New way of doing the repair

Gone are those days where there are a lot of diggings done when dealing with problems in the sewer line. With trenchless pipe repair, there is no need for excessive digging and destruction in your yard.  Most newly installed plumbing system today have access holes which makes it possible to deal with sewer line problems with ease.

However, when these access holes are not available especially on old plumbing system, plumbers will have to dig two small access holes. This would be permanent access points for dealing with other issues in your drain lines in the future.

Cost of the Repair

Some might say that since this trenchless method uses latest technology, the expense would be higher. Even though the expense is high, it is still the best option and is not very expensive compared to the traditional option. This is because counting all the digging, repair and destructions caused by traditional method in your property, the total expense could go higher than the trenchless option.

With the trenchless option, you only have to pay for the service without any more worrying about the destruction in your property. Today, most homeowners would prefer this trenchless option.

Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Repair

  • Repair is a lot quicker – Compared to the traditional method, this new way of dealing with issues in the drain lines is faster and more efficient. Plus, everything in your property would still look tidy. Since there is no more digging, plumbers could immediately deal with the problem.
  • Property is safe – One of the reasons why homeowners do not like the traditional method is the destruction it brings to your property. With the trenchless option, you will be happy to see that your property is safe and secured.
  • No interruption – In the trenchless option, you don’t have to disable any underground pipelines. This simply means that you can still be comfortable in your home while plumbers do their job outside.
  • Stronger pipes – The new pipes used for the replacement and repair are made up of strong materials which mean that it will not experience any problem for a long time.

With all the advantages stated above, when you experience problems in your drain, see to it that the plumbing company you choose could utilize trenchless sewer repair. This kind of plumbing service is offered by Long Beach Plumbing. We are well-experienced when it comes to offering this service and we do it with high level of efficiency.

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